Monday, July 30, 2007

Minnesota Adventures: Memphis, Blaine, Mall of America, Funny Nate Story

On the way out to Oklahoma City we had a nice little breakfast pitstop with Matt and Karey in Memphis.
Since we had never seen the Memphis temple and it happen to be near the IHOP we decided to take a little side trip to go check it out. It's small, but of course still very lovely...although I do have to mention that there were several toilets sitting just outside the front door due to the ongoing renovations.
At my High School...Go Blaine Bengals!
Aunt Heather, Cami, Glen, and Spencer on the scary rotating roller coaster at the Mall of America...hey someone had to stay with the little ones.
Adam and Cami on a much tamer ride at the Mall of America. Of course I do feel compelled to mention that I have a vivid memory of riding a similar ride at Disney Land as a young child with my brother Nate. Nate was petrified and was trying to crawl under the steering wheel, and since he was the one nearest the lever to move us up and down we stayed steady. I was really, really mad at him for ruining the ride for me and didn't let him forget it for a long time. Thankfully Cami and Adam both had a fantastic time and there were no ill feelings.

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