Friday, July 20, 2007

Adventures in OKC

After countless summer vacations to Utah we decided it was time to bring the family to Oklahoma City to visit with my Nanaw and Granddad. It was a long journey in the car (thank goodness for portable DVD players), but worth every moment to be here to spend time with them.
Here is Adam hanging out with Granddad. We've really enjoyed listening to many of Granddad's stories about his days in the navy during WWII.
The kids are completely loving having Glen around and undistracted. There have been more pillow fights and wrestling matches in the last 24 hours than there have been in a long time.
Wow! We had forgotten what a fantastic cook and hostess my Nanaw is. Every meal was completely delicious, well rounded, and a work of art. I am inspired to go home and do better in my own cooking. We also really enjoyed looking at many old family pictures that my Nanaw has organized into albums...another inspiration for me!
Our only mishap was Ellie's little tumble into the bricks which required a little medical glue, but other than being tired she is little worse for the wear. She had been cheerful and excited to visit with Nanaw and Granddad!

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AnnaLisa Renee Crain said...

it looks like you enjoyed OK! i need to get down there sometime. i hope ellie is all right.

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