Sunday, July 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Cami!

All the birthday festivities started yesterday with a joint birthday party with one of Cami's best friends, Megan. They took great care planning and preparing for the big day...
For those of you who are interested, you can see a glimpse of our new living room curtains in this picture.

...Planning such details as games, decorations, activities, treasure hunt, invitations, food, party favors, etc. All I had to do was shop. I have to admit it made my job MUCH easier, and my poor other kids have had quite the precedent set with the party planning...hmmm maybe I can just talk Cam into planning their parties as well. Watch out Martha Stewart!

Water balloons, the slip and slide, and our (very) little backyard pool were all a part of the party fun.
They even blew out their candles together...on their mint chocolate chip ice cream cake that they chose specifically.

Cami is off on the left cutting her cake and in the back of the picture you'll notice my cousin Aaron and his wife Trish making sure AnnaLisa has a memorable picture to show her kids someday.

In this picture you can catch a slight glimpse of my new dining room curtains, although the color is definitely not true to life.

The festivities continued today (her actual birthday) with the always exciting family party, where she gets to choose her own dinner. So in keeping with the same dinner she's chosen since she was four (no exaggeration) we had broccoli cheese soup in bread bowls. At least I know what to buy at the grocery store, unlike others of my children who change their mind three times in two days.

And here she gets her first choice of homemade cakes (I'm not brave enough to make an ice cream cake!)...a carrot cake that Aunt AnnaLisa made for her.

Happy 10th birthday to our sweet Cami Rose!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun birthday party. Wish we could have been there. Happy Birthday Cami!

Love your living room curtains.


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