Friday, July 6, 2007

Our little boy is all grown up and off to Scout Camp

I'm not sure if you noticed that Spencer is not in any of our Independence Day pictures this year, but we wanted to assure you that it's not because we've disowned him or anything. He is just off to his first ever week-long Scout Camp.
He was pretty excited about it in general, although I have to say that waking him at 4:30 wasn't the easiest job I've had (as illustrated in the above picture).

I imagine that he's having a grand time (can't be sure, but we assume no news is good news). The hardest part is trying not to think about wild bears, giant storms (see below), getting lost in the wilderness, tipped canoes, etc.

We're definitely looking forward to having our family complete again when he arrives back home tomorrow!

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mom said...

I love your blog. We are trying to figure out a way to print it up. Love Ellie's picture and story. How was scout camp for Spencer?

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