Friday, September 16, 2011

Watch Out K!

After twenty-some-odd years of being nice, Lara is up in arms and feeling primeval urges to beat up a sibling again. 

Grrrrr.....    Come on Kristina!  You know I can still take you. 

PS#1: The purpose of this post is to intimidate a certain someone whose name starts with "K" and ends with "ristina"  with physical injury, so that she'll be so terrified with fear, that  she won't be able to resist coming to visit ASAP.  Siblings seen in the above picture (as well as Matt, Heather, and Tim) are blameless for my wrath.

PS#2:  Nate, count yourself lucky that you popped on over from visiting your Ghanian "friend" when you did,  or you would be on my hit list as well. 

PS#3:  No siblings were maimed or disfigured in the making of this post. 



Steve-Rosanna said...

Hard to imagine our 'mild-mannered' Lara finally blowing a fuse and punching out one of her siblings. But, here we have photographic evidence of her pent-up aggressions. Kristina, I would heed her warning and hie thyself over to visit her. She is still irritated that you didn't have time for her to come up to the cabin in Island Park in August ;o)

annalisa said...

hahahahaha! you're hilarious L!

I hope your intimidation works and K comes out to visit :)

K said...

I am not easily intimidated, especially since I could take you any day of the week. If you really want to prove yourself, then I challenge you to a duel at my place SOON. When can I expect you?

Steve said...

Fight's On!! Can I be your agent K?

K said...

You are hired Pops!

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