Saturday, September 3, 2011

Top Ten Reasons that South Dakota Rocks

10--Mount Rushmore makes for an awesome dramatic backdrop for family pictures
9--Crazy Horse Monument--when it's finally done it'll be just as breathtaking as Mount Rushmore

8--Surprisingly great place to make some headway on the license plate game

7--Beautiful scenery and cool rocks abound

6--Plenty of other touristy things to do after you've visited the carved mountains.  We had a blast on this Alpine Slide.  

5--Life-size dinosaurs to climb for kids--young and old!  

4--Cool gift shops where you can buy authentic Native American jewelry. 

3--Cool pirate themed mini-golf course to keep us entertained after dark. 

2--There resides the most patriotic house in America....and the most oxymoronic. 

1--    ?????    

to be continued.....


1 comment:

annalisa said...

Looks like you all had fun!

What is Crazy Horse Monument?! It looks like it will be cool when it's done.

Those are some cool rocks! Did you keep them?

I really like those bracelets! I saw Spence's the other day and was ooohhing and aaahhing over it in my head :)

That house is pretty funny ;)

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