Sunday, September 4, 2011

South Dakota in Silhouette

Oh the suspense!  

I've been fielding phone calls and emails all day from eager fans who just can't wait to find out the  #1 reason that South Dakota rocks.  

I was feeling kind of vindictive today and thought  about leading you on a little longer with another teaser post, but then I remembered that, oh yeah, I was just kidding about the phone calls and emails. 

So what could possibly be more exciting than the incongruous dueling flag house and pirate themed mini-golf course? 

This is....

The #1 awesomest thing about South Dakota, was happening upon this cool park just before sunset.  It's situated smack dab on top of a giant hill and boasts stunning 100-mile views of the thriving metropolis of Rapid City and surrounding badlands.  While enjoying the views (and the life-size dinosaur statues that reigned the hilltop), we also discovered that as the sun set, that it was perfect for taking silhouette pictures....something I'd always wanted to do, but never had found quite the right spot for it here at home.   

Pretty much these pictures are among the awesomest pictures to ever spew forth from the depths of my well-loved camera and I dare anyone to tell me otherwise. 

Unless, of course,  you want me to sic Superman on you for being so rude. 



annalisa said...

Wow those pictures are awesome! They're magical! I look at them and think I can do anything :) And I am being serious!

That sunset is absolutely amazing!

P.S. My word verification today is gloates :)

annalisa said...

P.P.S. Usually my word verifications are just nonsense words.

And your pictures rock! All of them!

Lara said...

Wow, thanks AnnaLisa! I think I'll use the Superman threat more often! :)

Deanne said...

There's no arguing here. Those pics are great. I especially think they would look spectacular blown up and hung up on one of your walls. Love the one of you guys in a line holding hands.

alexandra said...

Yep, those are some pretty stunning pics. I see a Christmas card in your future (whoooooohhhhhhhh).

Mika said...

Loving the photos! Especially the family ones! They turned out great!!!


Canvas photo??

Steve-Rosanna said...

Although we have all been on literal pins and needles since your first teaser, I must admit that it was well worth the wait! Every second of our agony was paid back many-fold by these awesomest of pictures.

And as Alexandra duly noted, I can definitely see a Christmas card portrait or two emanating from this fateful confluence of the sun, the earth and the Goold family in one of the farthest and most remote regions of the planet.

These pictures totally solidify your reputation as a photographer extraordinaire Lara!! Thanks for sharing!

K said...

I LOVE these pics!!

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