Thursday, September 8, 2011

An Ode to a Soggy Day

It's been four whole days of rain, rain,  rain
with nary a glimpse of the sun, warm and bright.
And I long for the day when the sky and my brain
are not the same color, so gray like the night.  

But even in the midst of the heavy barrage
that somehow even seeped into our garage,
we were happy to be safe, warm, and dry
up on our little hill, where our house is perched high. 
Through the soggy days,
normal life has marched on,
despite me searching for ways
to stay in the house and avoid being gone. 

When Cami informed me, her mother,
that her sport would go on in this weather,
I exclaimed in a loud voice, "Oh, brother! "
"I'll have to change out of this leather!"

Then Ellie and me, we jumped in the car,
to go get our Cami, an upcoming cross country star!
We got there with no trouble or strife
But the way home made for one frustrated wife! 
Bumper to bumper the soggy cars did sit
And we barely did move-- bit by tiny bit. 
Ellie watched an entire movie and still,
we'd barely made it over the hill. 

Then she announced in a desperate, loud voice,
that she had to pee in a horribly bad way. 
What do you do, when you're stuck with no choice
but to pee in the car or hold it all day? 

After a little convincing and fair bit of yelling
she finally did allow herself to pee in a bag.
Although the tears in her eyes were welling
I, for one, cheered at not having to scrub and gag.

Nearly three hours had passed,
and we were hungry, wet, and a tad bit weak,
but we finally got to our neighborhood at last!

A mere block-and-a-half from our home,
we passed this swirling, swollen creek,
normally tranquil and shallow as this poem. 

Nearby the creek was this dreaded sign. 
Luckily it was not the way we needed to go
Or I probably would have wielded a pine
and started sailing to and fro. 
Now we're all home safe and sound,
and school for Friday is already called off.
I'm sure hoping the sun will soon be found
and the rain will stop, because enough is enough. 

Hope you all are safe, warm, and dry
and not shedding a tear
for the painful poetry which on this page doth lie
because, my dear friends, never fear....

This is the end of all of this rhythm and rhyming
and horrible timing. 

Good night! 



Deanne said...

Poor Ellie. When you gotta go, you gotta go. I'm sure the sound of rain and rushing water didn't help her trying to hold it either!

Justin's cousin's grandma used to keep empty cool whip containers in her car for such an occasion! But sounds like the plastic bag worked out just fine for you guys.

Lara said...

A cool whip container sounds perfect for the job!

Katie said...

Watch out Dr. Seuss! I love it!!!

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