Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Post-Ragnar Awesomeness

When the Ragnar was over on Saturday afternoon, I was sleep deprived, hungry, sore, and addled with the beginnings of female hormones.  The whole way home I had pessimistically conjured up images of the mess that would await me when I arrived home---the messy house, the disheveled, grumpy kids, the dinner that needed to be cooked, the laundry that needed to be done, etc.  I was suddenly wishing we'd all run a little slower. 

Oh, me of little faith. 

Instead of a dirty toilets and grumpy kids, I came home to a clean room (for the first time in months) and all the Saturday chores done.  The kids were happy, well-fed, and out of their pajamas.  In other words, Glen had worked very hard to make sure that I came home and could unwind and recuperate from 3 days on the road. 

I snoozed, I showered, I changed into freshly laundered, non-sweaty clothes, I bubbly shared funny stories from the race, showing them pictures....I was feeling much better. 

Then I laughed as my girls suddenly thought that running in a Ragnar race was the coolest thing ever.  They even donned my goofy clothes and went outside to "play Ragnar" together.   I was happy to be photographer for them, but I opted not to join their team. 

Then, the day got even better...

Without me ever saying a word about dinner, Glen picked up my favorite meal from Olive Garden (Chicken Scampi) and knowing that I'd been depriving myself of dairy and junk for several days, threw in a slice of Cheesecake Factory Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cheesecake just for fun.

Since the invention of the dinner, there have only been five dinners that were rated the most enjoyed, the most pure. This one left them all behind.

After dinner, I meant to kiss my sweet husband and tell him how much his thoughtfulness and hard work had meant to me.

But I fell asleep instead, so this blogpost (and some belated kisses) will have to do.


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gg said...

Thanks, Babes. I must confess that the house would have not been anywhere close to the glory you beheld when you returned had it not been for the relentless crappy weather canceling our boys' beach trip. In the end, it is one shining positive about our latest weather pattern, I'm glad the weekend turned out the way it did. Me and the kids had a fun weekend together, the house got a little cleaner, and I'm really happy you were able to enjoy your Ragnar experience with your friends!

I must also say that I am delighted how the few competitive events you and I have participated in over the past few years seem to have inspired our children to desire to participate in them as well. They are pretty cute runners!

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