Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Getting to Know Spence

Since Spencer is my firstborn, he gets the lucky privilege of being the first child for me to spotlight here on the blog.  Over the next few weeks, each child will get their turn...

Age:  16


  Golf, Indoor Track, Lacrosse, Extreme Nachos

  Lawn Mowing, Snow Shoveling

Favorite Foods:
  Tortilla Chips, Pepper Jack Cheese, Turkey Wafflewiches

: Reading, Texting, Watching Episodes of Psych

Driving Status:
  Learner's Permit until his Eagle Scout requirements are complete

Telling jokes without punchlines and actually getting people to laugh.  Here's a sample of his work....A polar bear and a seal are sitting on an ice floe. The polar bear turns to the seal, says "raaaawrrgg", and eats him.

Aspirations:   Never having more homework than can be completed in homeroom. 

NOTE:  If you are one of the few people who checks the blog between 11pm and 6am and you noticed that this post is completely different than the one I posted last night, then congratulations on being awesome!


Denise said...

goodness lara. i could not think of two people more qualified than you and glen.

I think when we look at ourselves we see only our weaknesses. but when others look at us, they see only our strengths.

Your youth are lucky to have you and you will be wonderful!

Dad said...

I'd like to know more about those extreme nachos.

Matt said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! The polar bear ate the seal! Best joke ever!

Clarinda said...

Ok. I'll admit. I totally laughed at Spence's joke. :)

Dad said...

Also just wondering who is Spence's barber? Awesome styling.

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