Thursday, September 29, 2011

JPL at the PlayMill

As you all remember from previous posts, Glen grew up going to the cabin in Island Park every summer.  Most of their time was spent fishing, looking for bears, playing chess, and wondering who dealt the smelt,  but, despite all of that in-cabin excitement,  eventually they'd always trek into West Yellowstone to the Playmill Theater to catch a show. 

Since as a family, we also love the theater, so we are always sure to continue this tradition whenever we're nearby.  This summer they were showing, "High School Musical" and "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat".  Since buying tickets for the entire family for both shows was cheaper than one of our tickets to Wicked at the Kennedy Center, we opted to see both shows. 

Here are my kids going in for a quick grandma/grandpa snuggle before the show. 
Once inside, the fun starts quickly.  Mostly staffed by BYU-Idaho students, the cute (and very young) actors do a pre-show show, which includes loads of goofy skits and selling food.   
During the pre-show show, the actors and actresses came out and each took a turn doing a little song/dance/skit number.  We were enjoying ourselves well enough, when this guy comes out to sing. 
He introduces himself as "Jon Peter Lewis from Hollywood, California". 

Now it's been a few years since Glen and I have followed an American Idol season very closely, but we remember JPL (as Simon liked to call him) very well!  Apparently he needed a little break from Hollywood life, so he came back to the little Playmill where he used to perform in college.  His song was pretty much awesome and a few steps up from the other performances there.  We were totally star-struck! 
And so was Cami....

So we obligingly bought her his latest CD, which he happily autographed for her. 
And I'd like to say that this exciting little gem will officially wrap up the end of our vacation posts, but that's just wishful thinking on your part. 



Anonymous said...

I remember JPL on American Idol. Now I want to go to the Playmill.

steve-rosanna said...

Their presentation of Joseph was wonderful. Thank you again for inviting us along on your amazing vacation.

Katie said...

John Peter Lewis!! I'm afraid I would have turned into a teenage girl myself!

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