Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Behind the times!

Spencer has recently informed me that when he grows up he's going to be a "techo-freak", getting the latest and greatest new technology as soon as possible. (This particular comment was made in reference to his interest in the latest I-phone) I wished him luck in his endeavors and reflected at what would make him make that comment.

It could be that it stems from the fact that Glen & I are "anti-techno-freaks"...which means we're the kind of people who use things until they are beyond obsolete, then update out of complete necessity (or familial pressure) and wonder how we ever lived without it.
I hear constant jabs from my family about "You're not still using that old thing?" Or, "Come on! You're wasting your time with that." And I have to admit that not only have we been technologically behind the times, but our house is a little outdated, our cars work great, but have no frills (when was the last time you rolled down a window by hand?), our appliances were all old (try a dryer that takes 5 runs through to get a load dry), our computer was 7+ years old and hasn't had any sound for years, we've only had broadcast television, dial-up internet, etc. Can you see the trend?

Well I am excited to announce that we've made a lot of progress towards entering the 21st century this past year!

We finally are making some much needed home updates. Got a dryer that dries faster than the washer washes! Got satellite tv (completely over-rated if you ask me)! Got a new computer (although I didn't realize I needed to buy speakers, so it doesn't currently have sound either). And the thing that my family will most applaud us for...we are finally hooked up to high speed internet and loving it! Just like they told me, I can't imagine why we've waited this long.

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Grandpa-Grandma said...

We are delighted to welcome you into the 21st century. Most especially glad that you now have high speed internet and no longer need to tie up your phone line for hours on end.

Way to go Wawa!!

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