Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's Her Birthday and She'll Giggle if She Wants to....

Since today is Ellie's sixth birthday, I've dedicated this post to sharing six things about Ellie that you may or may not know yet.   Following the list are some pictures of her special day today!  

1.  Since the day she was born, Ellie has been a ray of sunshine in our home.   She is very even tempered and rarely loses her cool. 

2.  She is very thoughtful and is constantly asking me thought-provoking, deep questions beyond her years. 

3.  She's a giggler.  From the time she was a young baby, she has had a contagious, happy little giggle that is music to my ears.
4.  She loves skirts and dresses layered with leggings and has only worn pants to school, one day this whole school year. 

5.  Ellie is a very verbal child.  In addition to being able to express herself very well, she also loves to answer questions (whether she knows the answer or not)  and tell stories.  Her teacher tells me that she is also quite talkative at school.  :)

6.   She's one of those personalities that's always going, going, going....constantly in motion.  In some people this trait can be exhausting, but because her energy is so positive and cheerful, it's actually contagious and fun to be around.  

Now here are some pictures from today: 

Decorating her ladybug cupcakes that she shared with her class today. 

She was very meticulous in trying to spread the frosting just right.

In the end, she wasn't very pleased with that particular cupcake, but since it was just me and her making 26 cupcakes ourselves, it ended up in the batch anyway!

Here's a glimpse at the final product, except I didn't have time to put antennae on most of them.  Nine were complete and the rest were sadly antennae-less. 

Posing with a batch of the half antennaed ladybug cupcakes...

I walked Ellie into her classroom today to help her in with the cupcakes.  As she walked in the door, her entire class yelled out, "Happy Birthday Ellie!"  She was beet red and as excited as can be at the surprise party-like greeting.  Of course, everyone knew it was her birthday since she'd been excitedly counting down to it for the last 10 days! 

After school, it was time for some birthday pictures with Mom and Dad.... 

And the birthday dinner she'd picked out all by dogs, fruit, and chocolate milk. 

Here she is with one of her favorite gifts of the day...a horsey for her American Girl doll.  She also received a play drill set, coloring book, dress (from Grandma Sandy), light up pen (from Cami), puzzle (from Emma), and Barbie (from Adam). 

After Spencer got back from his lacrosse game (where he scored 3 goals), it was time for cake and ice cream. 

I'm forbidden from mentioning the child's name who made the cake, but let's just say that despite it's, um, awesome appearance, it actually tasted dynamite! 

Flourless chocolate cake with fresh strawberry frosting....yummmmmmm! 

I'm still adjusting to the fact that my "baby" is now six-years-old, but I sure hope I can catch a little of this enthusiasm and excitement when my birthday rolls around in a few weeks! 

Happy birthday to our sweet Ellie Bellie!  
We love you!



Aitch said...

Happy Birthday to Miss Ellie Bellie! How could she possibly be six years old already?!

Grandpa-Grandma Crain said...

Happy Birthday Ellie. Hope you have a great birthday and receive some wonderful gifts. We love you.

K said...

Happy Birthday Cute Ellie!

Julie said...

I'm glad she had a great birthday! I absolutely love the cake- I'll have to keep that design in mind for the little birthday cake competition I have with my sister every year. :)

Deanne said...

I'm glad you had such a special day, Ellie. Happy Birthday!

melissa said...

What a happy picture!! Happy Birthday Ellie!

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