Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our Saint Patty's Day at a Glance

Breakfast: Green German Pancakes  with Lucky Buttermilk Caramel Syrup 

Dinner:  Chicken from the freezer with leftover Alfredo sauce (recipe coming soon) with roasted broccoli for a good dose of green! 

Dessert:  BYU Mint Brownies (I had a cheat day so I could update the pictures for the blog):

My cute little leprechauns head off to school while I spent the day organizing and distributing the spring PTA fundraiser !  (Emma and Spence had already left for school before this picture was taken, but never fear, they were bedecked with green as well!)   

Tonight:  2nd Grade performance of "Make it Healthy" which was totally cute and catchy.  I love our music teachers!  Meanwhile Spence was laxing it up at his 3rd lacrosse game of the season.  Despite their green uniforms and Spence's hat trick of goals, unfortunately the luck o' the Irish did not help his team to win this time. 
And across the country Glen and Cami shed the green for the day and donned their BYU blue! 

They got to Jazzercise and shop with Grandma Sandy, eat lunch with my Dad who is there on a business trip, and also chill with Grandpa Dave and Glen's brother Ryan.  (hopefully they're taking lots more pics to include Dad and Ryan as well). 

And Cami decided to brag about her nice teacher who let her out of school for a few days!  ;o)

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!
Luck o' the Irish to ye all! 



mom said...

I made green scrambled eggs and hash browns and that was it. I like your ideas better. Did the kids love it? BYU won Hooray!

Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

glad they won for Cami!

Andie said...

How fun for Cami and Glen!!! Love the sign. :)

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