Sunday, March 20, 2011

Exclusive Super Moon Calendars…Get ‘em While They’re Hot

While most people’s walls sport  boring old calendars with pictures of landscapes, flowers,  or cute little puppies on each page…
You don’t have to be run-of-the-mill anymore, because today is your lucky day!

You my friend, can kiss your boring old walls goodbye! 
It’s time to take your walls to the next level
and totally wow your friends and family….

10 06 01 007006

with this one-of-a-kind, up-to-date, super hot, TOTALLY AMAZING calendar I designed just today. 

100% of all pictures were taken either by yours truly or by my unpaid child servants and I guarantee you won’t find these lovely pictures anywhere else on the web.  

for loveliness
beyond your wildest imagination!  This vision of other worlds will light up your space, inspire you to create big, AND  help you track all the stuff happening in your life!

So without further ado, hold on to your eyeballs… very first calendar: 

“The glorious super moon rising over the Virginia landscape”

        January                    February
11 03 19 00601611 03 19 007015

                              March                                              April                                     
11 03 19 01001311 03 20 030006

                          May                                                       June
11 03 19 01801111 03 20 028007

                               July                                              August
11 03 19 01901011 03 19 020009

September                       October
11 03 20 03100511 03 20 040004


11 03 19 021008

11 03 20 044002

And if those amazingly out-of-this-world pictures aren't enough to convince to buy this calendar yet, then you must check out the stunning detailing on this work of art: 

Each picture is affixed with  super strength duct tape, guaranteed to eliminate pictures falling out of your calendar once and for all.  In addition, the duct tape will speak volumes of your sensibility and eye for details! 
 Don't miss out on this ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME opportunity to own your own piece of history.  This is one purchase, you'll applaud yourself for making over and over again.  Don't miss out!!!!!!!
Each calendar is only $27.99 + tax and a small shipping charge of $12.   Checks can be made payable to Lara's Super Moon Account.   All proceeds go to benefit the countries damaged by the Super Moon’s super gravity (ie Japan, Libya, etc).



K said...

Sign me up for 10 bajillion of those calendars please!

Mom said...

Thanks for the pictures of the Super Moon, since it was cloudy here and we did not get to see it.

Katie said...

LOL! Well I WAS saving my money for the Our Best Bites cookbook, but I think I would get much more use out of this!

annalisa said...

oohh oohh oohh. I want some. They would be good Christmas gifts :)

P.S. You're hilarious!

Aitch said...


The Giles said...

Too funny!! Totally made my night.

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