Thursday, March 10, 2011

Flashback Friday: February 1975

A couple thoughts about this photo of my brother Nate and I:
  • We were cute.
  • I'm 13 months older, but we look like we're the same size. 
  • Having kids that close together sounds hard and to think that my mom was already pregnant (or almost pregnant) with the next one when this picture was taken! 
  • I think my kids look more like Glen's side of the family. 
  • 70's wallpaper was awesome! 
  • My chubby cheeks got an early start in life. 



Deanne said...

I'd have to see pictures of Glen's side of the family to accurately judge, but I see a lot of Spencer in your younger photos.
Your mom is amazing!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Oh yes, you were two cuties! Chubby cheeks and all. And yes Mom was probably pregnant or almost so (as you note) with Kristina.

The wallpaper is German as we lived in a small German dorf east of the city of Kassel on the old east-west German border. And, of course the wall hangings are definitely LDS.

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