Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Little Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz to Spiff Up Your Day

Once upon a time
there was a man who liked to rhyme. 
He called himself  "Dr. Seuss"
and pretty much he was as silly as a goose.

He wrote books especially for kids
and liked to make up funny words like "zids"
and "zads" and "zizzer zazzer zuzz"
and talk about creatures with a bit of fuzz.

Because of his natural knack
for making kids laugh and cack,
the school likes to celebrate his day of birth
with a whole week of fun and mirth. 

The kids had loads of fun
with extra reading in the sun
and on Friday each and every child,
wild, crazy, meek or mild,
got to be a favorite character
from a book by Seuss or any old merrickter.

Emma wanted to dress as someone smart and fun,
you know kind of like my daughters and son(s),
so she picked Hermione from the book about Harry.
Luckily Hermione is nice and not the least bit scary. 

Now my Adam is a man with a deep seated fear
of standing out in a crowd or causing a leer
I think that is why he chose a more Seussish guy...
the Cat in the Hat, complete with hand drawn bow tie
to be the one he dressed up to be.
Fiddle-dee-dee, Adam is like me.

Ellie is the one who surprised us the most
for we thought she'd dress as Barbie or a princess or even a pretty ghost
But instead she followed Emma's original tram
and declared emphatically  "Hermione-I-am!" 

So Hermione Junior joined in on the fun
although Hermione Senior tried to convince and to cun
that she should be the only Hermione in the house
and that Ellie should be a pioneer, or princess, or mouse. 

Unflappable Ellie couldn't be swayed
so the two Hermiones both stayed. 
In the end the kids in the house were all happy
and went to school looking spiffy and snappy. 

Now although it is a battle well-fought,
now you all know that a poet I am not. 
From there to here, and here to there,
. bad rhymes and poor grammar are everywhere.
And now I will close my silly little epistle
with loads of pictures over which you can whistle.

The End. 

I meant what I said and said what I meant....
that Lara is goofy one hundred percent! 



Katie said...

Darling!!! Lucky your Seuss post came after mine, or I probably would have copied it!

K said...

You are quite the poet and you didn't even know it. That will be my only attempt at a rhyme this fine morning.

Denise said...

holy cow lara! this was awesome.

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