Monday, March 14, 2011

Happiness is....

...sitting in church seeing, over the course of sacrament meeting, several of my little peeps from nursery waving at me and playing peekaboo from behind the pews.   My heart just melts and I re-realize every week that being the nursery leader is a pretty awesome calling. 

...the youth finishing up the HUGE yearly mulch fundraiser which means that in addition to the teens getting to try their hands at truly hard work, you realize that it also means that Spring is really here!  

...going on a long Saturday afternoon walk with the kids.  There's no rush to go anywhere, so we just dawdle along at their own pace stopping to explore when they feel like it.  It's not heart pumping exercise, but it's therapeutic to be out in nature soaking in the early spring sunshine together. it's your turn!  What's giving you happiness this week?  



Aitch said...

. . . going on a road trip to meet up with AnnaLisa and Matt in Iowa City.

. . . singing at the top of my lungs to a great song while driving on lonely country roads through Iowa.

. . . watching the snow finally start to melt!

melissa said...

I love Spring...

I love being able to be at home and spend time with my family.

I love reading about how others have had such a happy week as well.

thanks for sharing your joy :)

(by the way the blog for the google reader thing is back now that I've updated it :))

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