Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Last Remnant...

It's almost Saint Patrick's Day and I have just barely removed the straggling remnants of Christmas cheer from our hallway.   All the cards had begun to fall off the wall and I was worried that it was past the time of people charmingly remarking, "Oh look, you still have your Christmas cards up." to a somewhat judgmental "Oh. How LONG do you keep these things up anyway?"

Well, I have to say if it weren't for social norms I'd probably keep them up all year, but since Scotch tape is only meant to keep its stick for so long and even the kids' friends were starting to remark on the oddness of our March decor, I've given finally given in. Why do I keep them up so long anyway?  Two simple reasons---I miss my long-lost friends and I'm lazy.

Speaking of last remnants, I have officially reached the last remnants of my brain capacity for the day and am now switching  my brain over into automaton mode. 

(The following should be read with an automatonic/robotic accent) 

I-am-La-ra-and-I-have-no-id-e-a-why-I-am-still-typ-ing. I-guess-I-am-ramb-ling-on-to-keep-my-self a-wake-un-til-Spence-fin-ish-es-his-weird-hist-or-y-home-work.  Fif-ty-"tweets"-ab-out-life-in-world-war-2.  Things-like-"Stup-id-Hit-ler-is-a-big-fat-jerk-face," and-"Life-in-the-con-cen-tra-tion-camp-is-horr-ib-le! I-miss-my-mom-my!"-and-stuff-like-that.  Woo-hoo!  My-dear-son-has-off-ic-ial-ly-turned-off-the-comp-u-ter-and-is-go-ing-to-bed.  This-stup-id-post-will-fin-all-y-end.  Good-night-my-rob-ot-friends! La-ra-out!



Denise said...

we posted a board on which we put all the photos from our christmas cards...i love being able to see those happy faces all year round!

Deanne said...

I only beat you by a month. I decided at Valentine's it was finally time to take them down.

Dad-Mom said...

I still have five nativities out with no intention of putting them away. And the tree stayed up until the middle of January so AL could enjoy it.

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