Sunday, March 6, 2011

What the ??????

It's a bird,

it's a plane,


It's an ARCTIC BLAST!!!!!!!!!!

and a cute little mini Arctic blast following in his father's Communist footsteps! 


If you do not get this post, then it probably means you're not related to any Crains.    If you are a Crain and don't get this post, then you need to get someone to bring you up-to-speed on some good old-fashioned family lore.  :) 


FINE PRINT DISCLAIMER:   No mini Communists were harmed in the making of this post.  In addition, I am not actually related to any Communists or Fascists or Socialists or even any out-of-the-closet Democrats for that matter. 



Aitch said...

The weatherman actually used the phrase arctic blast the other day and it definitely brought back memories :o) Love the pictures . . . although the one of Davin freaks me out a bit.

Denise said...

lol! your disclaimer is the best part.

Pete said...

Both photos are a little scary, but Davin looks so cute. When Lauren saw the photo of Davin she asked how Davin got into the tree and how he was able to get down. Still not sure how you got me to "pose" for that photo. You should go into sales. By the way -- dinner was great. Thanks!

K said...

I love the disclaimer too!

I'm happy to see pics of Davin, since I don't feel like I see him enough. Hopefully, I'll even get to meet him and Lincoln one of these days.

Papashka-Momochka Kreinsky said...

Your pix and report are a delight to your poor aged parents in a far distant land. Glad to see that you have not strayed far from the precepts of your youth. ;o)

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