Sunday, March 27, 2011


A little note: I  feel like I've been complaining here on the blog a bit too much this year, and I just wanted to say for the record that I am the first to acknowledge that I live a very blessed life.  My kids truly are great kids  (most of the time) and I totally adore Glen and am grateful every day for the kindness, love, and devotion he invariably shares with us (even when we're having bad days).   It is my hope that it doesn't offend anyone or make me seem ungrateful when I get a little negative.  I view it as one of my biggest challenges in life, keeping things in perspective and keeping the negativity at bay.  For better or for worse, I use blogging as a way  to get out of my system.    
In any case, I also wanted to thank all of you who read my random posts, whether they be goofy, boring, or complaining.   What started as a tentative step into blogging nearly four years ago, has become an outlet for me and brought me  a network of friends that I never imagined.   Thank you for being awesome!  :)

Back when I was in high school and college, I lived for the weekends.  I couldn't wait for the break from routine and mostly for the opportunity to sleep in.   For the same reasons that I loved weekends as a kid, I find them extra challenging as an adult.  The routine is gone, everyone's sleep gets messed up,  and the list of things to do is always long.   It's kind of sad, but weekends are often my hardest couple of days of the week as a mother. 

Honestly, this weekend was filled with mostly good things---running kids to various activities, trying to rally the kids into happily doing their chores, hosting a few of the kids' friends for a movie night, and attending the YW broadcast. But because Glen has been flat on his back since Wednesday night with a fever of 104 degrees (he was sick enough with kidney stones + bad flu symptoms that he ended up having to postpone his business trip to China), it meant that for the last few days that  I've been  doing mommy and daddy duty (instead of dividing and conquering).   That, combined with my feelings being hurt, made yesterday seem very, very long.  

This morning we woke up to a very unusual freak late snow covering.  Despite it making me very glad that we live in Virginia, rather than my homeland of Minnesota, where they just got several inches of the white stuff this week, the powdery start to the day seemed   symbolic of fresh new day to me.  After going to church, we spent the afternoon reconnecting as a family.  We had nowhere to go and nothing important to do. 

 The antibiotics finally kicked into Glen's system and he was up and at 'em for the first time since Wednesday night.  He was still pretty weak and sleepy today, but his fever finally broke  and we actually got to converse without him falling asleep.  We played "Ticket to Ride", where I lost soundly, had family home evening, and afterward the kids were only too happy to engage the newly recovering Daddy in a good post-FHE family dogpile tonight. 

Afterward, I let Glen put the kids to bed, where Ellie informed him that she really, really wanted to do a science fair project on what makes ice melt.  She thought of cutting up little bits of apples and placing Cheerios on the ice, to see how it affected the rate of melting (I have no idea where she comes up with this stuff).  I don't know if I should burst her bubble and tell her that she's  past the deadline of entering the science fair or just let her do her own thing  and we can call it a science fair project. 



Denise said...

so glad glen is feeling better!

Steve said...

Ditto what Denise said about Glen. Very glad that you got him into the doctor and on antibiotics before taking off for China. I can't think of any worse place to be sick then somewhere in China-except for maybe Russia or Africa. Of course, maybe Shanghai or Beijing may have western-style medical facilities, but even there they are probably few and far between. Hope you are feeling more chipper. Hope I wasn't the one who offended you-since I am famous for that. ;o)

Deanne said...

You're welcome. [Ha - kidding of course. =]

Glad your week is shaping up to be a good one and that Glen is feeling better! And for the record I enjoy reading your blog whether you're being grateful, goofy, or even venting. Your posts are always fun to read!

Charlene said...

Good to hear Glen's feeling better and hopefully a better week for you too!!

Katie said...

Just between you & me, bloggers that never complain about life make me roll my eyes a little. ;) Your posts always leave me feeling uplifted (or laughing) - not in spite of the occasional complaint, but because of it!

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