Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Random Tidbits

My kids have been taught to burp and now practice frequently.   Their teacher?  .... my 27-year-old sister.  :)

Got Cami registered for high school today and while waiting I noticed that the student I was sitting next to was reading, "What to Expect When You're Expecting."  

I pride myself on not letting my kids watch tv very often, but apparently they watch enough to catch on to the commercials just fine.  All day today, Ellie was singing,♫ "Nationwide is on your side." ♫ 

Every once in a while  I get into a really silly mood and think I'm hilarious (Go ahead and click.  The link is not what you think it is (unless you're related to me)).   Don't worry, though, the mood never lasts long and I snap back to my half-asleep/boring state again quickly.   

The burping master and her goofy sister.


Denise said...

um...who is which?

K said...

I'm pretty confident that AnnaLisa does NOT win the prize for the best belcher in the family. That's all I'm saying!

Dad (aka the bad example) said...

Two of a kind definitely. Not sure where they learned all their sarcasm and irreverence. Of course I think that Lara is our only non-swearing daughters and the most like her sweet mom.

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