Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My New Favorite Cookbook

Usually I have a short attention span when it comes to cookbooks. I'll find a few recipes that are "my style", then I'm bored with it.  I guess that's why I like checking them out from the library so much.   It's also why I like ward cookbooks so much...there's such a variety of people who submit recipes, that I'm bound to find a few cooking kindred spirits in the bunch.  I look for their recipes and know that if they like it, then there's a good chance I'll like it too. 

This may be a first for me, but I believe that I've found an entire cookbook that is my style; written by 2 cooking kindred spirits.  My friend Denise spotlighted their blog  {Our Best Bites} a few weeks ago on one of her Menu Mondays and weirdly it was the first time I'd ever heard of it, despite its popularity.  I went there and found that practically every single recipe was my style and it lit a fire under me to get cooking again.  While perusing their site, I discovered that they were just releasing a cookbook.  I shopped around for the best price and ordered it on the spot. 

I had to wait a couple of weeks before it was officially released, but my oh my was I in love with this book at first sight.  Pretty much if I were to ever write a cookbook, I would want it to be exactly like this one. 

Large bright photos on each page, tutorials, great down-to-earth recipes, clear instructions, user friendly  binding....every other cookbook author in America should take notes. 

And here are a few of the treasures from there  that we've already made and loved : 

Chipotle Beef Taquitos--five stars
Strawberry Cheesecake Bars--five stars
Chicken and Dumplings--five stars

Now I just need to get in touch with them and let them hire me to be their marketing director.  :) 



Denise said...

yay! glad you love it. and i cannot wait for you to write a cookbook.

Charlene said...

I'm surprised you hadn't heard of them? I love their Black Bean Soup and their Chicken taquitos!! I've been trying to win their cookbook from other food blogs, but haven't yet, so I guess I would be ordering one too!! Where did you get yours?
P.S. I would love a cookbook from you too!!!

Katie said...

Lucky you! I just made their meatballs on Sunday. Their recipes have never disappointed us.

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