Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Snitched Cakes and the Blue and Gold Banquet

Now that we've re-entered the world of Cub Scouts, I'm finding our calendar getting fuller and fuller with scouting activities, special events, field trips, and regular den meetings.  Adam loves it and is having a great experience and I hope that, one day soon, that I can say I love it too.  Until that day happens, I hope that taking  photos will somehow absolve me from a little of our Scouting neglect.

Here's a little glimpse of his recent Blue and Gold banquet: 

The cake Adam made for the night...
Adam made it completely by himself... the cake,  buttercream frosting from scratch, and the awesome decorations as well.  Too bad it had an unfortunate run in with a certain member of our family who got in BIG trouble for the dirty deed!   

After trimming off that snitched quarter of the cake and redesigning it with some frozen cupcakes to make it look like one giant paw print here's what the cake looked like in the end (pictures taken directly from Ellie's journal entry about the matter)....
I never even noticed the  little mood chart at the bottom of each journal page until I took this picture, but man how it melted my heart when I did see it.  She has the happy face circled for every day.   :)

The banquet food was good (for the tastebuds and as fake mustaches)...

And the table centerpieces were totally beautimous. 

And one of these days when the adult units of this family start re-catching the Scouting bug, maybe he'll actually start receiving some awards to blog about as well. 



Andie said...

I soooo hear you. For me, Cub Scouts was like nails on a blackboard. Wait, did I seriously just type that in a public forum? Yep, I guess I did. :)

With Boy Scouts, I've finally just had to close my eyes and make Nolan make it happen, admittedly (and sadly) through a lot of bribery and incentives. I have a total love/hate thing with scouting. It is SO MUCH WORK, most of which has to be highly supervised by parents. BUT, on the other hand, Nolan has managed to save over $50 from working on his personal mgmt merit badge, with no plans to spend it. If scouts can teach that to my child who never (literally) has a dime to his name because he spends absolutely everything he ever gets, then I guess I better back that program with gusto! :)

But sometimes, when I go to the dark side, I think about how around the time that Nolan should earn his Eagle is when the whole thing starts all over again with Mason. ;-)

Denise said...

i won't tell you how i feel about scouts, since this is a family blog.

but, josh has been a cub since november and still hasn't earned his bobcat. poor boy.

that cake is awesome!

Lara said...

Andie and Denise, I'm SOOOOOOO glad to hear that I'm not the only mom out there who has a few issues with scouting. ...And Denise, I can't even tell you how much your admission about Josh not having his Bobcat yet made my day. Adam is just a few weeks older than Josh and still doesn't have his. I keep thinking that one of these days, he'll get motivated enough to come to me with his book, instead of me pushing him to do yet another task. But it hasn't happened yet...

Deanne said...

From the sounds of it, I'm lucky we haven't started scouting just yet in our home. =)

The centerpieces are perfect for a scouting event. And I have to admit that I had to look up the word beautimous. You keep my on my toes, Lara.

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