Monday, February 28, 2011

Cool Auntie AL!

So it snowed on Tuesday and the very next day a warm breeze blew in from Utah via Taiwan with the arrival of my little sis, AnnaLisa.   Auntie AnnaLisa was a resident of our basement for an entire year, but left about 8 months ago for a cool job teaching English in Taiwan.  She had a fun and challenging adventure, before returning back to the states a short while ago.  Now she's back in town for an exciting job interview and my kids are totally loving all the fun Auntie attention that gets showered on them when she's here. 

Almost daily trips to 7-11 for slurpees, snuggles on the couch, watching funny videos on her computer, jumping on the trampoline together, someone to's fun to have Auntie AnnaLisa back again! 

Random tidbit about AnnaLisa:  I was 10-years-old when she was born and I have a vivid memory of my parents disagreeing over what to name her.  One of them wanted to call her Melissa Rose, but for some reason one of them was opposed to the name.  If I remember correctly they came up with the name AnnaLisa after hearing one my fellow contestant's names in the school spelling bee (which I just happened to have won). 

Another random tidbit about AnnaLisa:  Much to the delight of my children, whenever it's her turn to pray, she almost always prays in Russian. 

Another random tidbit:  AnnaLisa is cute and single, and could quite possibly be living in the DC area again soon.   Oh and she also loves going on blind dates. 

(hint hint)



Aitch said...

Nooooo. You can't have her. She needs to move to Minnesota with me! Although I can't promise her any blind dates or home cooked meals or cute nieces and nephews . . .

K said...

Noooo you and Aitch can't have her. She needs to move to California! I can promise her a niece and nephew and an occasional home cooked meal that she has to help make. (o: AnnaLisa come live here!

BTW, that's a great picture!!

Lara said...

Oh yay...a family fight! Let's all meet in Minnesota and duke it out, then we can get our nails done.

annalisa said...

Hahahaha! You all are so funny :)

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