Saturday, February 12, 2011

Top Ten Signs That It's Been a Long Week....

10.  You run three errands, talk to a child's teacher, and then go home and realize you've had your shirt on inside-out all day. 

9.  You excitedly try 5 new recipes through the course of the week and somehow they're all totally duds. 

8.  You get mad at your kids for being so irritable with each other all week, then you stop yourself and realize they sound exactly like you do. 

7.  Your fridge smells like a dead body emporium, but you get so irritated that not a single child will take you up on your very generous offer of $30 to anyone who will clean it up.  Then, instead of being grateful when your husband kindly volunteers to clean it out for you, you feel stupid and have to leave the room as he pulls out moldy crap crammed in the back corners.  Another household task that you just can't seem to get right.   

6.  You're driving home from the store in heavy traffic and instead of stopping 10-feet back, some jerk-wad blocks the entrance to the street so you can't get home.  It happens ALL the time, but this time you flip out, start swearing in front of the kids, and lay on the horn for an unnaturally long and contentious amount of time. 

5.  You spend half the week convinced that a nagging dull pain is your first kidney stone waiting to happen, so you guzzle water like it's going out of style.  Nothing further ever develops, but you have to pee so often that you're sure that you could have watered all of Virginia's flowers for a year with all the water you drank and expelled. 

4.  Your friend drops by with chocolate chip cookie dough brownies and you only hesitate for a second before breaking your once-a-week sugar diet that you've been doing awesome at and eat half the plate yourself. 

3.  Your blog goes to pot. 

2.   When you finally relax on Friday night and think that this week is almost done, you get woke up by kids THREE times that night--one crying in frustration and the other vomiting twice (yes, it's Ellie)--and you realize that your next week isn't shaping up to be much better than this past one. 
1.  You're so irritated that you can't think of anything witty to end your list with, that you  go all lame and end with a big giant, boring...



Meeks said...

Hey Lara,

Sounds like one tough week!
I know how you feel.
I hope that getting it all down was a little cathartic.

Praying that this coming week will be a better one!

Morgen said...

It might not make you feel better. . but reading that made me feel better. For some reason it helps me to hear that people I think of as nearly perfect swear in front of their kids. Guess that is twisted. I hope you have a better week!

Denise said...

oh man. i hate those kinds of weeks.

next time you need your fridge cleaned...class me. i only charge dessert. : )

Lara said...

Yes, I feel much better writing all that down! Ellie is already doing better and hasn't thrown up in 12 hours, so I'm hopeful it's her least horrible stomach virus ever.
Morgen, I don't know how I feel about being thought of as "nearly perfect", but I'm glad I could make you feel better. :) Denise, you would have wanted far more than a dessert after cleaning our fridge. someday, I really, really want to figure out how to keep up with the state of my fridge better!

Deanne said...

I also liked hearing #6 - that does not fit my view of you at all! Sorry you had such a crummy week. But after a week like that it's got to get better, right?

Steve-Rosanna said...

A week straight out of h-e-double toothpicks! Whew!! Glad you survived. You gotta know that you are not alone, as we all have weeks like that from time to time. I certainly have had more than my share of rotten weeks over the years.

Thanks for seeing the funny side of it. BTW love the pick of Ellie and Rocky!

K said...

Poor Lara! Weeks like that are the worst and I am so sorry you just had one. I really hope this week is a big improvement! Sending lots of hugs and love your way!

annalisa said...

I used to like to wear my clothes inside out on purpose. You could start a new trend ;)
I hope this next week goes much better!

alexandra said...

I hate weeks like that. Hope it gets better.

For future reference, I'd clean your fridge for 30 bucks.

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