Wednesday, February 9, 2011

White Dresses

Every week is a circus around here.  Thankfully, though,  I usually have a couple of recovery days each week, where my schedule isn't quite as intense.  Those are the days when I do laundry, mop, answer emails, and in general get caught up with life.  Sometimes, though, life picks up a notch or two and my recovery days get swallowed up by more craziness.  It's weeks like that where I barely have time to breathe, yet alone blog or accomplish anything of note. This is one of those weeks and I am blogging tonight only to give a boost to my sanity level, which has been slipping at a steady rate this week.  


Here's Cami's latest culinary creation....
a mini wedding cake for a RS meeting about developing a celestial marriage. 

Here the YW got to try on the women's wedding dresses....

Here's Cami wearing my friend Mina's dress...

Cami wearing my friend Kristi's dress.  Cami declared it the most comfortable dress she's ever worn.

And here's Rachel wearing my sister, Kristina's wedding dress. 
And the little tidbit they read about K's dress:

"Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved her older sister, Lara, very much.  She loved her so much that when she finished her degree at BYU that she decided to follow in her sister's footsteps and move to Virginia.  Her loving older sister welcomed her with open arms, but told her that she needed to get her own apartment ASAP.  Kristina found a cute little place in Fairfax built by her wonderful older sister's two bare hands and started attending the Langley ward, the ward founded by her older sister to meet the needs of singles in the DC area.  It was there that she met Mr. Thomas King--a fellow recent graduate of BYU who had grown up in the Great Falls ward, also founded by her older sister.    They dated, fell in love, and decided to get hitched on December 31, 2002 in the DC temple.  Her older sister had recently given birth to a very handsome, but colicky, baby boy who pretty much cried 24/7 unless he was being held in a certain position....but that didn't stop her from tending to her own silk worms, harvesting the silk, and hand spinning the silk into the wedding dress  you see before you today.  And that, more or less, is the story of Kristina King's wedding dress....or at least the story you get when Kristina gets too sick to answer her own dear older sister's emails and phone calls."

Here's Katy wearing my dress....

And the little blurb that was read about my dress:

"When Glen and I were engaged, we were both poor students at BYU and neither one of our families was in a position to help us financially with the wedding expenses.  I had shopped around for a dress some, but really couldn't afford paying several hundred dollars.  I thought about renting a dress or borrowing one, but then my Aunt Zina graciously offered to make it for me.  Being clueless and selfish, I excitedly accepted her offer although looking back I now realize what a sacrifice she had made to create a wedding dress from scratch in only a couple of months time, with 6 young children in the house.  She was so patient with me as I picked a pattern that needed to be tweaked,  wanted to wait for the fabric to go on sale, and had to squeeze my fittings in between my full class schedule and 2 part-time jobs.  In the end, we ended up right on budget with it costing right about $100 with a bonus set of pillow cases and a temple bag she made with the leftover fabric.   It was just the beautiful and simple dress I had dreamed of for marrying the man of my dreams. "

And here's me wearing the dress with the man of my dreams!  :)


annalisa said...

Cami's cake is awesome! Go Cami!

Cami looks so grown up with the wedding dresses on ;)

Lara, you're funny! I love your description of K's dress :)

melissa said...

Fun post! Beautiful too!!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Wow! There seems to be an awful lot of history in this post. Both your and Kristina's dresses are gorgeous. I had completely forgot about your Aunt Zina's role in preparing your temple dress. Of course, we all knew about your role in taking care of your baby sister K. Now go and do the same thing for Aitch and A.L.

Cami, you little cake is a thing of beauty!

Deanne said...

Sounds like a fun evening. I like the stories of the wedding dresses. I never thought of my dress having it's own story before. =)

Cami's cake looks great!

mom said...

That is a beautiful cake Cami made. Love all the wedding dresses. I had forgotten what beautiful dresses they are. And what a beautiful bouquet of flowers you carried. Sure hope you are feeling better today.

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