Sunday, February 13, 2011

100th Day

I keep hearing tales of people with large families whose youngest children are totally photo starved.    The parents took loads of pictures of the oldest kids then petered out by the time they got to the younger kids. 

Not so in our house though! 

With the advent of digital cameras and blogging my younger children are the complete opposite...while pictures of Spence and Cami sit in a manila envelope in a closet in the younger kids are in complete photo overload! 

Speaking of overload, her's a few pictures of my youngest: 
This is Ellie at her 100th day of school museum.  Each child was to make a project using 100 of the same item.  Ellie knew from the beginning that she wanted to do a rainbow and the 100th day's proximity to Valentine's Day made the candy hearts a natural choice for the medium.  

As part of the museum, they had a few other classes who came to check out the cool museum of 100 day projects.  It was so sweet to watch Ellie as she proudly shared her sweet smelling project with the visiting 2nd and 3rd graders.   With all the candy on her project, hers was definitely one of the more popular projects in the room! 

So what did my other kids do for their 100 day projects?  Hmmm....let me look into my photo files....
nope, I have absolutely no idea! 

And continuing with the subject of photo overload, I also thought I'd share this little Martin Luther King Jr. project she made!  I can't even telling you how much I've been longing for the sun lately and this "I have a dream..."  poster just cracked me up!
Like mother, like daughter! 



Steve-Rosanna said...

What an absolute sweetie pie! She is so cute and so much like her mom

mom said...

I love Ellie's 100 day project; she made a beautiful picture out of those candy hearts. Also like her dream to go to sunny Florida.

K said...

She's so dang cute! Love her rainbow!

annalisa said...

Ellie is such a cutie pie :) I love her rainbow project!

annalisa said...

Also her dream is hilarious! There must not be a lot of sun there recently.

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