Monday, February 21, 2011

Slaying Our Goliaths…One Marshmallow at a Time

If you can overlook the ever-present clutter in the background of the pictures, you will see a glimpse at one of our favorite family home evenings ever.  We have this lesson every-0ther-year or so and it never fails to be a fun and memorable night.    One of these weeks I’ll even get around to scanning it in and sharing it with the world. 
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Now don’t mind me while I go climb into my bed with visions of warmer days dancing through my head.    After getting spoiled with a little glimpse of Spring this past week, the possible 2-4 inches of snow tonight is rather discombobulating.   <----Hehe--I’ve always wanted to use that word in a blogpost and I’m feeling rather full of chutzpah now that I have successfully subjugated the onerous utterance. 

Now farewell my congenial and ardent compatriots, while I take my leave to the boudoir where my pulchritudinous paramour awaits my affable presence.   

(I’m feeling rather magnanimous tonight, therefore I’m offering a special prize to the first person who can translate that last sentence without using a dictionary…on the other hand anyone who presumes to tell me that the usage of my pretentious verbage is incorrect will be offered a slushy snowball to the elbow. )



K said...

Tom's comment to your pulchritudinous sentence is "Lara violated the first law of writing which is clarity". Tom loves to read books about writing. He's weird, I know. (that's why I like him)
BTW, sounds like a fun FHE. (o:

AnnaLisa said...

It means you are so excited for AnnaLisa to come visit.

Kim said...

This is our favorite fhe also!

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