Friday, February 25, 2011

Flashback Friday: Freshman Year

Today was the day that many of Spence's friends from church heard about whether they were accepted into BYU or not.  Hearing of their excitement (or disappointment) got me to reminiscing back to my BYU days.   

So in true Lara list form....

Five Random Facts About My Freshman Year
  1.  I hardly knew a soul on BYU campus when I got there.
  2.  I had my first kiss about 2 weeks into the school year.

  3.  I was the only one of my six roommates that did not get engaged that year  (those unhappy stories are worthy of a whole post for another day)

  4.  I had a half-tuition scholarship and a community scholarship, but otherwise paid for everything (all four years) myself. 

  5.  I accidentally took 20 credits my first semester.  I had signed up for an advanced French class, which I thought was four credits total, but it turns out it was a compacted class that was four credits per block. 


And what Flashback Friday post would be complete without a couple of  good "Let's make fun of Lara's hair and clothing" pictures? 

Here's when we randomly decided to get a "family" picture taken (minus the 1 roommate who never really became a part of our "family")....

  The card game, Spoons,  proved to be one of our favorite roommate bonding experiences through the year (once again minus the one who didn't want to bond).   We usually only played when it was well after midnight and were all feeling a little punchy from studying for midterms.           

One last random fact about my freshman year: 
This autumn it will have been twenty years ago that I came to BYU as a naive 18-year-old!  Twenty years! 

By the way, if any of you are doing some math trying to figure out how old I am...let me help you out. 

20 + 18 = (almost) 28



Denise said...

i like your math lara.

melissa said...

this was really fun to read about! and you almost got me on that math of yours!!

Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

Is that Heritage Halls?

Felix said...

You should write some more about your college experience! Would love to hear about it!

Deanne said...

I always enjoy your flashbacks. Love the pictures in this one! =)

Cami said...

You've kissed someone besides Dad?!?!?

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