Sunday, July 6, 2008

Free Manicure!!

In May I had the opportunity to have my very first professional manicure and pedicure. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and loved how pretty my hands and feet looked.

Of course I'm too big of a cheap skate to do it very often. So when I was approached by a handsome young man offering to do it for free, I immediately accepted the kind offer.

His manicurist skills turned out to be most impressive...I mean seriously, have you ever met a manicurist who would attempt to paint someone's nails without even looking?!

What do you think? Are yellow and orange nails destined to become the next rage in fashion or what?!

I must say my nails turned out quite fetching and although it had peeled off by the end of the day ( I may have provided a little help to speed the process along)...I certainly can't complain about the price or the pleasant company!


Aitch said...

I like the colors! Very bright and summery.

Adam did a great job . . . much better than when I try to paint my own nails :o)

Daddy said...

That is the cutest manicurist (and manicuree, I might add) that I have ever seen!

- Daddy

McKenzie said...

Pretty fingers!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Good job Adam!!

Your mom's fingernails look pretty!

Love, Grandpa-Grandma

K said...

I'm next. When do I get my free manicure Adam?

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