Thursday, July 24, 2008

When I grow up...

I want to be like Becky Lowe.
Becky and Steve are the kind of people that inspire you the quiet, selfless way they live their lives, their enthusiasm for the gospel and missionary work, their willingness to extend a hand of friendship to the newcomers, the lonely, the struggling, and to any who may come their way, their enduring faithfulness even through great hardships,

...and by their cheerful countenances.

We feel truly blessed to have known them and their humble strength will be missed in our ward and by our family, as they sally forth onto their new home in the west.


Steve-Rosanna said...

It's always sad when old friends leave your ward. Especially someone as stalwart of the Lowes.

The Crain family will always be indebted to Steve and Becky for putting up Karey while she worked in DC where she met Matt.

Where exactly are they moving to?

Charlene said...

We knew someone just like them that went on their mission to Brazil!!

Matthew said...

I have the privilege of being kind of, sort of related to Becky and Steve. Karey and Lincoln have the privilege of actually being related. The Lowes really are some of my heroes.

Alexandra said...

You're right on all accounts. They really will be missed by anyone and everyone who's ever met them.

JenJ said...

Wait a minute, I want to be Becky Lowe when I grow up too!!! :) I am so happy for them that they are heading out West....where are they going? But sad for all those they know and love in VA.

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