Monday, March 2, 2015

Ice, Ice, Baby…and a Frog!

We walked out of church yesterday, the first time we've had church in 3 weeks, and found our car completely encased in ice.   I rolled down the window in an effort to start getting rid of some of the ice and had to laugh when this happened….

Thankfully the roads weren't actually all that bad and we arrived home safe and sound.   The sidewalks and driveways, however, were another story and proved to be the most precipitous part of our trip.    School was cancelled yet again, and it was easy to see why when we woke to this sight in front of our house….

Even the snow was encased in a shimmery layer of ice...

Cami had fun demonstrating the slipperiness of conditions for all you dear readers.  

So we decided to hunker down and do what any crazy homeschooling family does on a snow day...

Dissect earthworms and frogs.   

The kids have been literally BEGGING me (especially Cami) to do it for weeks, and I finally relented today.  I was happy to have kids old enough to be independent about it, so I could just be the supervisor printing off diagrams and showing them videos about how to do it.  

They still have some more school work to get done, then we are all going to sit down and do a little "homework" getting ready for Spencer's Make-a-Wish trip that is only one week away!!!!!!

Any more guesses?   

We are so excited!   

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Ruth said...

New Zealand! Am I right?

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