Wednesday, April 22, 2015

catch-up part 2 (arranged marriages, temple, etc.)

Not allowing myself to blog about anything else until I finished writing up the details of our trip to NZ has felt weird.        Blogging's been such a big part of my life for so long (8-years now!),  that I had started to feel a little overwhelmed / disconcerted about all the things in our day-to-day that we were missing out on capturing for the blog.  {Yes, I know I'm a little weird that way!}  So now I am really enjoying typing up these two catch-up posts and hoping that they will help me to feel like I can get back to my  normal blogging again.   Here are a few more things that have occupied our time the last few weeks!  

Cami's {potential} future husband came to town--  Over six years ago, I wrote about how we had arranged for  Cami and JT to get married someday.  They haven't seen each other at all in over eight years, but when JT came to town with his high school student government last week, we (especially his dad) connived a way for them to reconnect.   They seemed to genuinely enjoy spending time together and I think things are looking good for a post-mission reconnect  in a few years.   ;) 

Paying taxes--Being married to an accountant, you would think that our taxes would be done in January every year.   Not so.  Tax season is busy and Glen was ahead of the game when he sent them done on  April 13th this year.   And for only the second or third year we actually owed taxes, which is an unpleasantry that I'm still trying to adjust to!   

Youth temple trip (4/15)--One of my favorite parts about serving with the youth, is the opportunity I have to go to the temple with them a couple of times a year.   I love seeing their excitement at being there and it was extra cool this time doing some family names that my Nana had sent for us.   

Cami had a lacrosse game and couldn't be there, but it was great to have Adam, Emma, and Glen there as well! 

Spending time with my Young Women:  It was one of my Laurel's birthdays, so we gathered for an impromptu ice cream party!    These girls are 100,000% awesome and I love teaching and spending time with them.

Anna B., Katy, Alexia, Cami, Rachel, Kelly
Lacrosse dinner at our house (4/16)--When Cami originally told me that she'd invited her whole lacrosse team over for dinner at our house, I was a little hesitant.   I don't mind hosting {occasionally}, but I felt a little sheepish at us {still} not having any living room furniture for anyone to sit on.   With Cami's encouragement though, I got over the hesitancy and planned on making a delicious pasta dinner for them.     Then the night before, Cami sprung on me that because it was an early release day at school, that they were not coming over at normal dinner time that I expected, but at 2:00pm.    Not only was it 4 fewer hours to get ready than I expected, but it was also at the exact same time as a doctor's appointment and right after a dentist appointment.   Suddenly I went from being able to spend the morning cleaning, then cooking a home cooked meal in the evening,  to providing a fine meal of Domino's pizza and Oreos...on the living room floor.     I guess in the end, the change in timing made my day far less stressful, but I think Cami's learned her lesson not to spring those kind of things on me at the last minute anymore.    

Cami's prom (4/17)--I know I did a whole blogpost about prom, but it's worth mentioning here that this day was far more than just about hair curling and dressing up in a fancy dress.  In fact, it was absolutely insane-o from beginning to end .  Rather than recount the day in its entirety, let's just say that it involved a rushed run to the fabric store, a missed orthodontist appointment, a big make up history assignment being  due at noon, at least 75 miles of driving around town and at one point Cami  sprinting on foot down Lee Highway through heavy traffic to pick up the boutonniere (and she still beat me there).   Somehow it all came together though and Cami not only looked beautiful, but she also got 98% on her history assignment, AND had a boutonniere for her date! that you know far more about the last month than you ever wanted,  I think that I'm finally all caught up.   

Stay tuned for my regular (non-travelogue / super boring) programming...


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Jennifer McArthur said...

I'm dying over the arranged marriage. Cami is much more mature and easy going than I was at her age. I would have died from embarrassment. They sure do make a cute couple, though!

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