Sunday, July 24, 2016

Saying Farewell

This little blog has definitely taken the back seat the last few weeks as we get Cami ready to go on her mission next week! Between the shopping (not my favorite thing to do) and all the errands, I've barely been able to keep my own head above water with my normal daily chores, yet alone being productive enough to actually be able to blog or do anything else that falls into the extraneous category. 
July 23:  Yesterday we crossed one big thing off our list when we got our family pictures taken.      It was 100ยบ.    

I spent far too much effort and money on procuring the "perfect" matching outfits, but since it has been four years since our last family pictures, I was committed to give it my best shot.   In the end I did like the way we all looked together in the blue and gray, so here's hoping that they actually turned out well.  I'll post the actual sweat soaked photos when we get them back from the photographer.  

July 24:   Today, Cami gave her farewell talk at church.  She did a fantastic job and managed to quote "Les Mis", the Book of Mormon, and the BFG, in addition to other sundry of general authorities.    

We had a big crowd turn out in support of her and it really was a special day.  

We finished the day with a little family dinner, a hilarious game of telestrations, and one of our last family home evenings before Cami heads off.   
We will miss this girl! 


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Jennifer McArthur said...

Cami is a light! No doubt! Wishing you all well as you eat up this last bit of time with her before she leaves! (Can't wait to see the family pics!)

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