Saturday, June 15, 2013

Spencer's Graduation Day!

If there is one thing I've learned about graduations over the last couple of weeks is that they're exhausting both physically and emotionally.  

And two in a row have just about done me in.  

I had grand intentions of writing a sappy and meaningful post about all the emotions we've gone through over the last few days, but alas that would have stretched me beyond my mental capacity right now, so tonight you just get the quick recap and pictures.  


Here's a look at Graduation #1...
Spencer's graduation from high school! 

Here he is getting his diploma...

As is 100% Spencer's style, he waited all of 13.6 seconds to make himself more comfortable after the ceremony was over. 

The tossing of the caps.   
I only saw one person get  pelted by a cap that came at her from behind.  
Luckily the caps aren't as hard or as sharp as they were back in the olden days when I wore one, so she survived. 

The program with Spencer's name along with the names of the 338 other graduates...

Cami was part of the entertainment crew....

Ellie couldn't resist getting a little something for the grad, although I daresay I think she was hoping that he might share with her....
We walked out of the arena to skies like this.   
Luckily we didn't realize there was a tornado warning in our area at the time or we probably would've freaked out a bit, but as it was it mostly missed us.

Happy kids in the car on the way home...
Afterward we went out for a celebratory dinner at Cheesecake Factory!  
(never mind my closed's a curse)

There we had a graduation toast with our water glasses...

and we ate cheesecake...of course! 

Stay tuned for a blogpost on graduation #2  coming soon!  

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Jennifer McArthur said...

Congratulations, Spencer!

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