Friday, June 7, 2013


We're in the middle of those last few weeks of school and our calendar is completely jam-packed.  We have five kids' worth of concerts, award ceremonies, recitals, class parties, colonial days, etc.  Throw in a couple of doctor's appointments, new tires for the van, and some major girls' camp/youth conference planning going on and my brain is pretty much in survival mode.

For instance take last Thursday night.  I was in the middle of a Young Women's activity when one of Adam's scout leaders came running breathlessly into the room to inform me that Adam was receiving his Arrow of Light award at that very moment. Since that's kind of a big deal,  I excused myself and bounded out there as fast as I could.  

I randomly had my camera with me and was able to catch the very tail end of the award ceremony.  

Afterward I laughed to think how completely inept I was that I did not even know that he was receiving his Arrow of Light (although I later saw that scout leaders had sent emails about it).  Additionally I did not have him wear his scout shirt and even if I had it doesn't have any patches sewn on it.

Yeah, I am that kind of mom 99% of the time.

I do occasionally redeem myself though.  Fast forward one week to the next Thursday and I got a little chance to make amends with Adam at his school's annual 4th grade Colonial Day activity.  

I got all decked out in my pioneer gear and spent the entire day with Adam and his classmates helping man an Indian necklace making station.   It was my fourth school Colonial Day and it was the first one I dressed up for myself.  I wish I'd thought to have someone take a picture
of me with Adam, but suffice it to say I looked pretty darn awesome in my mid-1800 era clothes.  
Never mind that the colonial days were in the 1700''ll just have to trust me about how awesome I looked. 

 Ellie was insanely jealous about not being able to participate in the 4th grade activities, so she spent her entire recess hanging out in the dress-up tent.  She had a big melt-down when recess ended and I spent the next hour reassuring her that one day she, too, would be in 4th grade.  As part of comforting her, I sat with her in the school library while the 2nd grade Skyped with author, Toni Buzzeo.  It was a fun phone call complete with slideshows and Q&A time with the kids.   Ellie got to ask her own question and in the end wasn't too disappointed to still be in 2nd grade! :)

Speaking of one point I had to run out and pick up Spencer and Cami from school.  Cami was eager to come peek her head in at her alma mater elementary school and say, "Hi" to a few former teachers.  We watched Adam and his classmates perform some traditional colonial dances, which is where we learned that based on his facial expressions and unwillingness to make eye contact that Adam may not have much of a future in the dance business.    

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R said...

Congratulations to Adam on earning his Arrow of Light award. Glad you were able to show up for part of it. Nice dance Adam. Looked like fun.

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