Sunday, June 2, 2013

Foxes and Bottle Rockets...Oh My!

I feel like life is moving a million miles an hour right now and I can barely blog about it fast enough.  With all of the other end-of-school-year excitement going on, none of these events from this past week really deserve a blogpost of their own, but since I don't want to forget them either, I thought I'd just make a little all-in-one recap. 

Human Foosball
At Young Women's this week we did a little spot clean of the church (and passed off a Good Works experience for PP in the meantime), then played a game of human foosball.  It was humorous to watch the girls get really into it.  I also found it  a little funny watching how lost the Young Men looked without access to the basketball courts.  

Really Old Bottle Rockets
During the scout pack meeting this past week, Adam and the scouts were launching bottle rockets.  Each boy was to have brought their own soda bottle for the occasion.  Since we don't drink soda, I thought I was going to have to buy a bottle and just empty it out for Adam to use.  Right as we were leaving though, I discovered a long lost bottle in the garage that I'd long ago filled with water.  On the way to the church Adam emptied it out and removed the label.  On the back of the label was a coupon for another bottle.  It expired in 1999.  Although struck with the fact that perhaps I should clean the garage more often, I laughed when Adam informed me that his rocket had the 2nd highest launch of all the boys'.  Apparently they made really nice soda bottles in the 20th century.  

Fox and Pileated Woodpecker
Now that the weather is nice, we've started walking the mile to school a couple of times a week again.  Despite living in a very suburban area, we love that we still have have wildlife that call our neighborhood home.  On a recent walk to school we almost simultaneously saw a fox and a pileated woodpecker.  It's always a bit disconcerting seeing a fox while on foot, but it didn't seem interested in getting close to us in the slightest, so we just enjoyed watching it for a bit.  The pileated woodpecker is one of our very favorite birds to see and it never fails to stun us with how strikingly beautiful and surprisingly large it is.  We only occasionally get a glimpse of it and it never fails to make our day when we do. 

Photo source:  The Bird Point

After months and months of waffling over whether we wanted hardwoods or tile, we have finally made a decision.  Behold our tile choice (color and pattern):
Photo source: Crossville Tile

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annalisa said...

Human foosball, now that sounds interesting and highly entertaining to watch :)

The pileated woodpecker is beautiful!

I like the bottle rocket graphic. What program did you use to design it?

I really like the floor choice! It will look awesome!

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