Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Sweetest Father's Day Tradition

We have a long-standing Father's Day tradition in our family that is sweet as can be....
 literally and figuratively...

Every year I take the kids to the store let the kids pick out as much candy as they want, so they can create the silliest note ever!    
Much to the happiness of the kids, as long as no one touches his Butterfingers, Daddy doesn't mind sharing.  


Here is the translation of this year's note (this year they threw in a couple of other random items that I bought at Target--hence the cucumber seeds and Les Mis CD):

Dear POPtarts,
HELLO I JUST WANNA SAY THANK YOU for not being a CUCUMBER SEED.  We're glad you found mommy.  She thinks you're a HOT TAMALE and you guys make a great DUO.  We know you can't eat SWEDISH FISH (or any other kind of fish), so we siced you with an extra PAYDAY instead.  With your new found riches we suggest you TAKE 5 ANGRY BIRDS and make them SNICKERs.  No dad in the world brings more almond JOY to LES MISERABLES (cd) than you and anyone would be PLEASED TO MEET YOU.  In short, we love you even though you're a BUTTERFINGER and we'll always be your PEEPS.
Your 5 GOOBERS and mom


Past notes:
2009 (plus the healthy version)

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