Sunday, June 28, 2009

Candy or Vegetables for Father's Day?

We have an annual tradition in our family that each Father's Day the kids make the sweetest Father's Day card EVER for Glen. I don't remember how it all got started, but it's something they look forward to all year.

They love the wild and crazy candy buying spree I send them on where they get to pick whatever candy they want, they like coming up with the creative phrasing (especially when they think it'll make him laugh {which is always}), but their very favorite part of all is when Daddy finishes reading the card and shares his sweet stash with everyone!

As fun as it is for everyone, I've been a little worried about how unhealthy our tradition is, so I've been thinking of some ideas to make it a little less caloric. Below you will find our actual note from this year followed by a possible healthier version we could try next year. Let me know what you think.

Without further ado, here is the masterpiece from this year (humorous insults and all):

Thank you for taking us to HERSHEY Chocolate World. I hope next PAYDAY you will give us each 100 GRAND so we can fly to the MILKY WAY. That would be MOUNDS of fun. Sorry we don't ever think you'll get over your BUTTERFINGERS until the next ECLIPSE. (That gave mom the SNICKERS). If you run a lot you will take a FAST BREAK. While you CRUNCH on this candy, we will be ROLO polos sitting around doing ZERO, zilch, nothing!

Your 5 KISSABLE kids

PS You sure got a SKOR on candy.


Here's the healthier version.

Dear Glen GOURD,

Don't TURNIP your nose, but we decided that we need to SQUASH our candy bar note tradition so you can BEET those love handles once and for all. We're glad you don't have any CORNS on your feet, because that would really make us ARTICHOKE. We think that you are PEACH-y and that you and mom make quite a PEAR.
If you CARROT at all you will LETTUCE go PEA before we LEEK all over.


Your 5 little COCONUTS

I think it's kind of fun and catchy, but I'm worried that it may end up a little heavy with 5 coconuts taped on. What do you think? You can totally feel free to use this stellar idea yourself if you want...I don't mind at all. What kinds of Father's Day traditions do you have in your family?


K said...

I think you should stick with the candy tradition funny Lara!

We have no father's day traditions. )o: We should start some though.

Steve-Rosanna said...

Very funny Wawa.

Agree with K, you need to stick with the candy version.

Deon said...

Cracked me up!! Yea, ban the veggies.

Denise said...

aw. I totally love the veggie version. But personally, I would have liked to have seen you work in a rutabaga.

we have no father's days traditions. how sad.

But, Troy does get a nice homemade dinner.

Charlene said...

Sorry no veggies here. We are pure sugar family so we love your candy gram idea!! My kids love the idea! Well, any excuse to have candy in our home!!!

Holly said...

Wow! Those are the cutest cards. You and your family are really creative.

gg said...

Um, do you even need my vote? I really don't care to RHU-BARBs sent my way on these cards so I will stick with the sweet version miss SMARTIES pants.

Thanks to all for the candy gram - I love it as always (and it did make me laugh, our kids are KING SIZE ALMOND JOYS (read that as full of NUTS!!!)).

Deanne said...

I think both versions are equally as clever, but I would definitely prefer to eat the candy version! You guys are too funny.

No father's day traditions here. Justin did make breakfast for the kids (which they love) I think that should become a tradition for us.

Andie said...

That's awfully generous of Glen to share his goodies. I'm not that nice! Our bishopric gives out Dove chocolate on Mother's Day and it's mine, all mine!

Cami said...

we definitely need to stick with the candy version! We can have veggies whenever we want, probably more than we want, so you decide to switch veggies you might hear a complaint or two from the kids, and dad.

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