Thursday, June 25, 2009

Random Stream of Consciousness

La, Da, Da, Da, Da....

Today is such a boring day. It's sunny and hot. My eye is irritated. I dropped Spencer off at Youth Conference a couple of hours ago. I wonder if Glen would mind if I started wearing a muumuu every day. Why did muumuus ever go out of style anyway? Did I make the bed yet? I really hate that traffic light by our house. I would like to meet whoever works out the timing for that dang light, so I can tell him/her a thing or two. Should I eat one of those PB & J muffins Emma made yesterday? The kids are sleeping in. Hmmm, should I eat breakfast now or should I wait until they wake up? Ew, I'm glad I don't live in South Carolina. Their governor is weird. I like this new $6 mouse I got for the computer. It's way better than the $30 one we had before that. I'm glad I married Glen and not that weird "Jack" guy I pelted with a golf club. My elbow is itchy. I must have gotten a bug bite there. I hope I don't have malaria or swine flu now. I wonder if my laundry is done yet. I'm glad I married someone willing to iron their own clothes, otherwise we'd have a really high dry cleaning bill. Should I turn on some music? Nah, that would wake up the kids. Wow it's just boring, boring, boring today. I guess my Amish humor the other day was kind of a bust. Maybe next time I'll try to use Pete's take on the subject for some good scandal. Oh boy, the kids are up now and they didn't waste any time testing out their vocal cords for the day. Nope, no laryngitis in our house. Oh look it's June 25th. It's exactly two months past my birthday. Yipee, I'm 29 and 2 months now. Oh and look, it's Christmas' half birthday. Hehe...only 180 or so more shopping days. Should I start making my list? Oh dang, I have to make more orange juice. I hate getting that frozen glob out of the can. I'm glad my kids got Glen's brown eyes instead of my strange greenish/hazelish color. I have to go to the craft store today to buy a piece of posterboard. I hope Spencer doesn't fall asleep at his meetings today. I'm glad I checked Spencer's bag before he left. He wouldn't have liked what his bag looked like after the lid-less toothpaste he had packed had sat there for a couple of days. Hehe, maybe I should have just left it like that so he could have been the minty fresh guy at YC. The kids left the BBQ sauce out all night. I better put it back before Cami sees it and throws it away out of fear of salmonella poisoning. Man, Glen sure is hot! I hope he gets home before 10:00 tonight. Hmmm, what color should I paint the guest room? I wonder if everyone has two random cheerios, a couple of cd's, and a quarter all hanging out on their computer desk. I'm thirsty. I'm glad I don't live in the dry wasteland of Utah. I wonder when our contractor will give us our bid. I wonder if Glen would mind if I started calling him Glenny poo on the blog. Where is the volume button on that bird? Wow it is REALLY obnoxious. I hope the kids didn't eat the rest of those Amish baked Whoopie Pies. Maybe I should have one of those for breakfast. Ya, da, da, dee...boring, boring, boring.

Wait a second, who is this hot guy with goofy facial expressions that keeps popping up into my random stream of consciousness? It seems like he's trying to tell me something really important.

What's that you say? He's trying to tell me that I'm not any funnier at 7:30 am as I am at midnight?

Um, okay. Sorry for that.

Happy Birthday Hunny! I love you!


gg said...

Thanks Wawa. I'm hopeful on the pre 10pm thing. But the day is young. Good luck staying awake today! I know I'll sure need it - I wish we could stand together today just to prop each other up!

I love you!

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Your funny. That was funny. His birthday is funny. Your over 2 month birthday is funny. Sounds to me like you and your hubs are pretty funny in general. 7:30am or Midnight. I'll read!!! ;)

Now go put that Moo-Moo on make some orange juice!

K said...

Happy Birthday Glen!

Charlene said...

Happy Birthday Glen!!

Denise said...

Happy birthday Glen.

And might be a tiny bit funnier at 7 am.

Andrea said...

Lara, you are too funny! That is totally how my thoughts are throughout the day, but I don't think I could capture them as well as you typed that.

Hope there's a fun birthday party at your house!

Pete said...

Happy b-day Glen!!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Happy-happy birthday Glenny poo! Hope you had a wonderful day. Thank you so much for the great man and priesthood holder that you are. We love you and are very proud of you and your family.

P.S. Wawa, you write like I think most of the time-so I can totally relate.

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