Monday, June 22, 2009

How Cool is My Dad?

You may think that I forgot to post about my awesome Dad yesterday, but in reality I was just going for dramatic effect. Everyone does Father's Day posts on Father's Day, but it takes a real {really obnoxious} woman who is at peace with her own shortcomings to post one a whole day later!

So how cool is my Dad?

*He's so cool that he received notoriety at age 12-years-old when he became one of the youngest Eagle Scouts in the whole country.

*My Dad joined the church when he was 17 and was serving a mission in Quebec, Canada within 2 years. He was the coolest French speaking missionary with a southern drawl those Quebecois have ever met.

*My Dad speaks 5 language fluently (English, Russian, French, German, Pig Latin)

* My Dad is an awesome commenter on my blog! I love waking up to see what nice thing he had to say about my ramblings.

*My Dad has had a cell phone surgically implanted to his ear, so as never to miss an important call.
*My Dad has a way with kids and they all adore him!

*I have him to thank for my sweet tooth. One time he even ate some play-doh hearts the kids had made with cookie cutters, because he thought they were candy and we're pretty convinced that at any given time his blood consists of approximately 30 gallons of Code Red Mountain Dew.

*He's a technology lover. He had a mobile phone back when they were still as big as briefcases and an email address back before I even knew what email was.

*My Dad is the king of head and shoulder massages!

*My Dad came to every single one of my sporting events when I was younger, even in far away towns.

*When I was young I would walk into a room and find my Dad on his knees in prayer or reading the scriptures aloud to himself in French or Russian. I knew how much the Gospel meant to him and I have always admired him for his heartfelt commitment to raising his eight kids with an unwavering faith in God.

In summary: MY DAD ROCKS!

Happy Father's Day Dad! (See how peaceful I am with my forgetful procrastination?)


PS I've had people express concern over our safety after the horrible Metro train crash that occurred earlier today. While Glen does ride the Metro to and from work every day and my sister had taken Emma downtown for some sightseeing this afternoon, the crash happened on the red line, while we live near the end of the orange line. We are very saddened by this very tragic event, but we are all fine.

PS2--Be sure to go check out my 365 post from today and leave a comment (or two). Emma wrote it entirely by herself and went to bed giddy with excitement over how many comments she might get on it. I have no idea where she got that from! :)


Andie said...

To answer the title of the post, your dad is WAY cool! He's always been one of my favorite people. I love that with your dad, what you see is what you get---a totally genuine person with a huge heart!

Mirien said...

I think our dads would be friends. Mine speaks the same languages!

Pete said...

Dad is the coolest!!! Happy father's day pops!

Aitch said...

Pops is definitely the best!

Just one more cool thing about Dad: he has been to more than 50 countries and let us tag along on many of his business trips--giving us some pretty amazing travel experiences as kids.

Charlene said...

Yeah, your dad rocks!!! I still remember the first day walking into the Andover ward and how much he made us feel welcome!! He's awesome. BTW, we are thinking of coming next summer to DC, let me know if this works for you. It's not definite, but I already received my travel magazine of all the places we can visit and I couldn't believe how many places were free to visit!!

K said...

I agree that Dad is the coolest Dad in the whole wide world! One of the talents that you didn't mention is his ability to find things in common with EVERYONE he meets and he is extremely friendly and outgoing. We love you Dad!

annalisa said...

dad totally rocks!

Steve said...

Thanks Wawa and thanks as well for all the loverly comments!

Mom and I have always been thankful that Heavenly Father since all such wonderful children!

By the way Lara, glad you finally found a pic of you in your old Blaine letter jacket.

Love, Dad

Matthew K said...

So I am late in checking the blog. Dad is pretty much the best. I aspire to learn Pig Latin.

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