Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day 158--Fast Sunday Festivities!

Every Fast Sunday we get together with my two brothers (Matt & Pete) and my cousin Aaron and all their families.  We take turns hosting and cooking.  Today it was at Matt & Karey's (our first time in their new place) and Karey made us Cafe Rio (yum, yum)!

We also take the opportunity to celebrate that month's birthdays.  Here is the June crew--my sister in law Karey, whose birthday is actually today, Lily whose is at the end of May, and my cousin Aaron (in a few weeks).  Glen should have been in there too enjoying this fabulous cake that Cami made, but he'll have to wait until next month. 

1 comment:

Steve-Rosanna said...

Happy Birthday Ladies and Gentleman!

What more could you ask for? One of Cami's famous culinary cake creations along with yummy Cafe Rio?

What a way to end a fast!

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