Monday, June 15, 2009

One of THOSE days!

Ever have one of THOSE days?

You know the kind of day when your child decides to go outside and play wiffle ball...

and doesn't realize that younger siblings have placed several marbles inside the bat...

and the first swing he takes shoots those marbles like bullets through your front bay window...
sending shards of glass all over a visiting friend and her baby who are sitting on your couch.

All the while you're in the middle of the most epic house project you've ever undertaken in your life and you haven't had more than 5 hours of sleep in weeks and your husband is still out of town.

After a day like that, don't you just need something to make you smile and remember that life isn't so bad?

*That although the baby's eye was scratched by the glass--he's totally fine.

*While my house is in shambles now--it's going to be awesome when we're done.

*And that my husband is loving and supportive and only laughed a little when I told him about all the fiascoes of the day.

*And that I always wanted to replace that window anyway--and now I have to and don't have to feel guilty.

So here's what brought me that smile back. A little story I found that Cami had written in kindergarten:

Translation: I am glad that I am not an Indian so I don't have to be naked. Because I don't like to be naked.

Hehe. Didn't that make you smile just a little bit?


Steve-Rosanna said...

What a stressful week, but is sounds as if the worst has passed.

Can't wait to see all the changes you are making.

Glad the little baby was alright and did not suffer any major eye damage.

Love, Dad-Mom

☼¨`*•.♥RocĂ­o♥.•*¨`☼ said...

OMG wow! I am glad the baby is ok!


Aitch said...

Sorry about your window Lara. Glad that no one was seriously hurt.

And can I just say that Cami's story is hysterical! Gotta love kindergarten spelling combined with kindergarten logic :o)

annalisa said...

i also really like the story! it's so funny! the house will be awesome when it's done:)

Lolli said...

Oh no!! So scary! I'm glad no one was hurt, and that Glen was such a good sport about it.

Charlene said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what you working on in your home. I don't particulary enjoy "those" days, but you seem to be handling it much better than I would!!!

K said...

Poor Lara always doing more in a day than the rest of us can do in a week or month. I hope you get some sleep soon. Cami's story is hilarious, although I think both my kids would disagree about not liking to be naked part. (o:

Deanne said...

Sounds awful. But as usual it sounds like you took it all in stride. You are a great example to me! I need to keep that eternal perspective and not worry about the little things that don't go as planned.

What a great story from Cami too!

Kami said...

I was just checking my email (instead of working-hee hee!) and saw your comment. I wasn't sure if the banana breakfast cookies would hold together with applesauce but they did great! Let me know if you try 'em.

Sorry about the bad day. How awful! Your daughter's story was adorable though and I don't know how anyone wouldn't get a smile on their face after reading that. Kids always find a way to make you smile after making you want to rip your hair out. :) It's hard to stay mad at them for long.

Annette said...

What a week!

My kids always liked being naked, go figure.

Chelsey said...

You are so funny! I love that you find a way to be positive all the time!

Mirien said...

I'm afraid I laughed harder than Glen. The marble-launching bat just cracked me up.

So what big home-improvement project are you tackling??

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