Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 171--Sweet Spontaneity

Friday afternoon we spontaneously decided to take off on a little overnight trip to Hershey, PA.  We had grand intentions on spending Saturday at Hershey Park, but with the weather alternating between drizzling, pouring, and dark clouds in the distance we opted for more indoor pursuits...Amish country, Hershey factory (I only ate 14 lbs. of chocolate), and then when the evening ended up beautiful we went go-carting and mini-golfing.  All in all a fun day!  The only bad part of it all was that after we got back home at about 11:20pm I still had to copy the programs and go grocery shopping.  

1 comment:

Annette said...

14 lbs? Good this you are from the fittest state in the nation! You should have no trouble working that off. Besides you only sleep 5 hours a night, so that leaves you lots of hours in the day to work off the chocolate.

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