Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 172--Best Treat Ever....

After we used the watermelon we needed for watermelon smoothies (recipe to come), Ellie and Adam wasted no time in cleaning out the rest of the sweet juicy treat.  They were totally scraped clean by the time they were done.   

On another note, Glen's Father's Day got off to a much rockier start than we'd hoped.  Instead of breakfast in bed,   the kids all woke up grumpy after our long day and late night last night.  Adam had a complete meltdown when we couldn't find his Sunday pants.  I finally called a friend to see if we could borrow her son's pants, but even yet it still took a whole lot of screaming, dragging him in his underwear to the car, and then cajoling/forcing him to put them on and then walking 20 minutes late into church.  This week I'm going to Unique (the thrift store) to find him an extra pair, so that we can hopefully prevent a repeat performance.  In the meantime, we'll work on getting our act together for his birthday on Thursday.    

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