Sunday, June 16, 2013

Photographic Evidence that My Dad is Awesome

My dad came to town a couple of weeks ago to set my brother Pete apart as a high priest.  It was a super quick trip where we only got to spend a few hours with him, so we had to maximize our time together.  We got all of us DC area siblings together (Pete, Matt, AnnaLisa, and I) and went to my dad's favorite type of restaurant...a buffet!    The kids were fascinated with the all-you-can-eat concept and made sure to take advantage of the unlimited dessert supply.  Ellie didn't sit still much during our stay there, but when she did sit, she preferred it to be as close to grandpa as possible!

Afterward we headed to our house and made sure to take as many goofy pics as possible...

We kids like to tease my dad that he has equal parts blood and Mountain Dew running through his veins and although we don't drink much soda in our house sometimes I wonder if my dad had ever slipped some Code Red Mountain Dew into Spence's IV back in the day.

And maybe Ellie's too (even though she's never had an IV)...

Truly my dad is amazing and I am grateful for the way he raised us and the values he taught us.

We love you Dad/Grandpa!

Happy Father's Day!   
PS  Glen's dad is awesome too, but because he's a bit more camera and travel shy than my dad,  we don't have any recent pictures of him.

Never mind...Grandma Peggy just sent us one!  
Here is Glen's Dad.  We don't see him often, but love and miss him! 

Happy Father's Day!  

PS#2  Glen's Father's Day post will come another day


K said...

Now I know who my kids got their silliness from! (o: Happy Father's Day to the best Father in the whole world!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Yeah, photographic evidence that I am a total "goofball". Some cute pics of kids. Thanks for posting!

Yes K, I take full credit for the silliness gene that runs in the family.

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