Thursday, June 27, 2013

"I think I broke my big toe..."

said two of my kids within 24 hours of each other.

Spence injured his right big toe playing soccer barefoot on the beach.   His entire toe was black and blue and swollen.  Meanwhile, in another state, Cami injured her left big toe playing lacrosse barefoot in the side yard.  The area right above her big toe got very swollen and had some mild bruising.  Both of them were in quite a bit of pain.
I know that breaking your toe isn't normally that big of a deal, but since Cami is heading to lacrosse camp next week and our doc said that big toes are the one exception to the "no big deal" rule since they're weight bearing toes, we figured we'd better get them checked out.

Both Spencer and Cami found it wildly funny when I took them both to the doctor at the same time and everyone (including the nurse, the doctor, and the xray tech) were all amused and somewhat confused by the duplicity of their injuries.

Turns out Spence has a relatively minor fracture in the first joint of his big toe and Cami's was just a bad sprain.  No casts needed and Cam is cleared for lacrosse camp.  Both were relieved not to spend their summer hobbling around any more than they already are!

Meanwhile this week also finds us swamped with a swim meet, 2 camps, a day of chaperoning, Glen's birthday, lots of carpool driving, an almost new set of braces, and loads and loads of Youth Conference stress!  Hopefully I'll have time to blog more about it soon....


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annalisa said...

It is kind of funny that both of them hurt their toes at the same time at different places ;) I am glad that neither were anything too serious.

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