Monday, June 17, 2013

Odd Twists

 Check out this article below,  paying special attention to the final paragraph.

It's a tad random, especially considering that it appeared in the Washington Post, but, hey, at least it added a little levity to my news reading of the day and ensured that I did not forget that article.  

So the very next day after that article had appeared I woke up tasked to make a flier soliciting more help for youth conference. I started off making an average run-of-the-mill flier, which was fine but rather boring.  I hadn't gotten too far in the process when suddenly the thought struck me, "Hey, if newspaper columnists can throw unexpected twists into their otherwise boring articles....why not me too?"    Thus the "odd twist" youth conference flier was born:

What can I say?

I thought it was hilarious when I made it, but when Spencer laid eyes on it (after it had been passed out to the entire congregation) he informed me that it was the "cheesiest flier" he'd ever seen in his entire life and that I should not be allowed to try to be funny ever again.     

Cheesy or not though, it got way more response than my emails asking for help ever did (and it was rather fun to create in the meantime).

And in an odd twist, the shoes I wore yesterday perfectly matched the ink on the flier.   It was uncanny.  



Katie said...

LOL!!! That Post reporter needs to be fired! So ridiculous.

I saw that flier yesterday and my first thought was, "ADORABLE!" Not surprised at all to hear it was made by the ever clever Lara!

K said...

I think you are funny. That's all that matters. I'm pretty sure that no 18-year-old in the history of the world thinks his mother is funny. (o:

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