Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Another Graduate

Although not quite as momentous as graduating from high school, last week we hit another happy family milestone as Emma  graduated from elementary school!  She's been at this school since kindergarten and it was a special experience for her (and for us) to see her graduate.    It's been fun seeing how excited she is to take the next step in her life as she goes off to middle school this fall.

Here's a glimpse at her day:

Emma woke up extra early on her graduation day so that Cami would have plenty of time to do her hair in a fancy "sock bun."

It turned out gorgeously and I laughed to find out that there really is an actual sock in her hair for this hairdo.

They had a 6th grade award ceremony beforehand where Emma received a certificate of commendation for her participation in the All-County Chorus Festival.

Then she received her "diploma".

The ceremony was followed by a fun slideshow where they showed everyone as a child and now. The teachers picked the captions.  

Here is Emma with her fabulous teacher, Miss P!  

Afterward her and her friends hung out for a bit and we took lots of pictures. 

 Her friend Tonya's baby brother was the star of the show and all the girls were vying for a chance to get close to him.
And with that happy occasion we will now officially have kids in four different schools again next year.  (Spence at JMU, Cami in HS, Emma in MS, and Adam & Ellie still at the elementary school!)  


Jennifer McArthur said...

Way to go, Emma!

Uncle Matt said...

Congrats, Emma!! I was never in the highest grade of any school until my senior year of high school. My elementary school was K-6 until right after my fifth grade year, then I never went to eighth grade since we lived in Moscow at the time.

Steve-Rosanna said...

Congrats Emmakins! We are proud of you.

Love, Grandpa-Grandma

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